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November 4, 2010 - Posted by Nicole Arena

Yesterday, I watched my first of a series of webinars on Google’s AdSense program.  AdSense is a pay-per-click advertising system from Google. Websites can sign up to display AdSense ads on their pages and be paid for every click made on the ads. Already learning about AdSense has complemented my knowledge of Google’s AdWords.  Understanding AdSense gives me insight into what display network partners are expecting from ads I create on AdWords, as well as what I can expect from those web pages that display my ads.

The webinar I watched was AdSense Optimization Best Practices which covered four topics:

1. Optimizing Placements and Color Palettes

2.  Increasing Coverage

3. Tracking Performace

4. Making the most of AdSense

In the optimizing placements and color palettes section there was two important things to remember in my opinion. First, place ads where they perform the best. Ads are most likely to perform when they are placed “above the fold” [area on the screen before a user has to scroll down the page] or embedded in the content. Second, remember to take into consideration what users are trying to accomplish from viewing your site and where their attention is going. This will make you better understand where to place ads.

  The most important thing to remember to increase coverage is to make sure your ad formats are opted into displaying both text and image ads.  This will increase the number of ads competing to appear on your site and increase your revenue potential.

 To make the most of AdSense, I learned to use AdSense For Search; which is essentially putting a “custom search” Google toolbar on your website. There was one statistic that they provided that made me understand why this is so important. If users can not find what they are looking for, 80% will abandon your website. Of those, 50% will turn to search engines. The custom Google toolbar on your site will bring up a separate window so the user does not navigate away from your page. If a user clicks an ad in the new window you capture the additional revenue.  By using AdSense for Search you not only profit, but keep the user on your site longer and improve user experience.

 I’m planning on learning more about profiting from placing ads on websites. Can’t wait to share all the cool new things I’m learning!

November 1, 2010 - Posted by Nicole Arena

Even though it is officially November, I want to pay tribute to my favorite Halloween advertisement this year. The “Creepy Snickers Lady” has my vote… check it out

The Creepy Snickers Lady

 The commercial titled Halloween Grocery Store Lady was done by BBDO advertising agency for Snickers (for Mars Co.) in USA. It was released in the October 2010